MedicineBow is currently my solo outlet for musical meanderings… and the name I chose to record under for the first album release of my own material. I previously helped record an EP, Grow: the seeds are in the soil, with my friend Chad Elliott under the name Iron John.

I picked up a guitar in the fall of 2000, and slowly began unearthing songs… born out of my experiences of love, loss, grief and growth. However, I struggled to find my voice as a musician, seeing myself as an artist/designer of other forms instead. I often felt that musician was a title for someone else. As I step into the identity of MedicineBow, I am exploring my healing and the hunting of who I want to be in the world. I have so much to learn on this path… about music, the sharing of that music, and the depths of this amazing life we have to live. I am grateful for the steps down this road (both the hard, and the easy ones), and I am grateful for those who join me along the way. Thank you!


For booking inquiries, or other info… email: info (at) MedicineBowMusic.com

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