New Year, Again!

::Sigh:: … It appears my last post was New Years of last year! And that means that a year has gone by with out much of any noise from MedicineBow in 2014. I was certainly busy with many other things… coffee fun (I got to visit farms in Honduras), family (brother got married), and living life. I did a lot of thinking about my music, I started a handful of songs… finished very few of them. This Fall I began feeling like maybe I just “sucked at being a musician”. However, as I sit on the cusp of 2015… I am happy to say with confidence, “I am ready to PLAY”!

I have always struggled with wanting to be good at everything I do, and that has left me with very little room to just enjoy doing it! This past year has been about letting go of some of that baggage… deciding that I want to enjoy my life of doing… rather than remain trapped by the fear that I might not be good enough to do it.

So… I am happy to announce that I already have two dates set to play in the new year, and more on the way. I have a new energy to play with, and play from. I want to explore, and hold space for where my music (and creative life) might take me in 2015 (and beyond). It would be great to see you along this journey… Here is to a beautiful/bountiful new year of joyfully doing!

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